Why are not Bond awarded medals?

Why does Bond practically not say words like “duty”, “honor”, “order”, “law”, why Bond is indifferent to ranks and rewards? Because he feels how to live properly, he is arranged in such a way that he can not live in another way and therefore he does not need to “duplicate” all of this in words. Just as he does not need any additional definitions of himself, “names” and “ranks.” His own name is quite enough for him. It already contains in itself not less than all titles.

Everyone who knows who James Bond is, all these people also know him only by name – and that’s quite enough.

Those who in England endow titles and orders, feel and understand this.

Unlike James, Vesper of the Casino Royale sees the situation differently – she belongs to a different type of people. Vesper believes that all of Bond’s motives are insincere, do not follow from the very essence of Bond.

In the film, Vesper says that MI6 needs young people ready to die. Vesper does not understand that these young people also need MI6, because only MI6 can provide these people with a life that is only possible for them.

As a result, it turns out that Vesper has that weak link, which Bond does not have. And that’s why Vesper dies on contact with the Bond world. And so Bond concludes that Vesper is not the woman who would become his partner. It’s a different kind of female.

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