The license will be renewed, James Bond will return.

Opponents of Bond do not leave Bond the possibility of not killing them. Both in novels and in films.

Fleming believed that the Soviet Union wants to destroy the West, and not to agree on peaceful coexistence. Other villains are also obviously incorrigible. For example, the greedy paranoid Mr. Big or the narcissistic asshole Milton Crest – would Milton Cross ever start treating women any differently? No, in such changes in character, perhaps Dostoevsky believed, but not Fleming.

Villains from movies are also incorrigible. Crazy Soviet generals, corporate directors in Nehru-french, gangsters – none of them can be stopped otherwise than by death. Moreover, the logic of their actions not only leaves them nothing but death. This logic leaves them nothing but immediate death.

It is noteworthy that Bond never completely wins – he does not establish capitalism in the USSR, does not eliminate from the world the very possibility of any of those crimes that his opponents commit. He, apparently, does not even set such a goal, does not consider this possibility. The only thing he thinks is possible is to kill all the new heads of this hydra. And that they will grow, he hardly doubts.

Perhaps this is a consequence of his view of the world, of events in the world and of his life as a game. The look is very English, as correctly noted in SMERSH. And in the game, there is always a rival. Sometimes this opponent is the player himself.

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