Parodies that do not exist.

Wikipedia lists dozens of movies in the list of parodies for Bondiana. But I can not call a parody any of those that I looked from this list.

Attempting to make a parody does not make the resulting work a parody.

For a successful parody, a talent of the same caliber is required as for creating a parodied work. This is an axiom. And a parody should give a person no less than the parodied, it is also an axiom.

Moreover, a good parody of good work should give an in-depth understanding of not only the shortcomings but also the merits of the parodied work. Perhaps, with the exception of only those cases when the task of the parody is to clear the cultural space of a work that is unworthy of being there, “to kill with laughter”. If we approach the works claimed as «parodies of bondiana» with such standards, it should be recognized that it is obvious that there are no parodies of Bondiana at all.

All attempts to make such a parody known to me should be considered a failure. First of all, I attribute “Casino Royale” ’67 – the most pretentious and the most disastrous product. Only one thing is valuable for the fans of Bond in this film – the opportunity to appreciate the creators of the real Bond even higher, in contrast to the unsuccessful attempt.

There are several beautiful, solid works that take into account the presence of Bond in the world. But these works are not parodies of him.

Most often, the French film “The Magnificent” and the Austin Powers trilogy are cited as examples of “parodies of Bondiana”. It is not right.

Austin Powers is not a Bond parody. This is a parody of a man of the sixties. At the same time, it does not matter if his youth fell at this particular time, or this person just feels the emotional connection with this era. To be completely precise, the Austin Powers trilogy is not the PARODY OF the man of the sixties, but the films ABOUT that man. Films about how this person feels in the ’90s and 00’, what he managed to keep, and what he changed or forgot. It is also films about how to remain young in heart, to have an endless supply of «mojo».

“The Magnificent” seems to be a parody of James Bond only to those people who have not seen French films based on the novels of the French author Jean Bruce about the agent 117 OSS. Books with this character began to appear in 1949, the first book about Bond was published in 1953, and Fleming himself confirmed that any similarity between James Bond and the Agent of the 117 OSS was pure coincidence.

If you watch the ‘1965 film of Andre Hunebel “Rage in Baya for Agent 117”, it becomes clear that scenes from “The Magnificent” copy scenes from this particular film, frame by frame. The musical accompaniment is also identical, and the name of the heroine is exotic in the same style – Consuela (and Tatiana in “The Magnificent”).

In short, only a person who does not know about the existence of Bruce’s novels and adaptations on them can see the resemblance with Bond.

In addition, “Magnificent” is a very French film and focused primarily on the viewer of French cinema, who is familiar with 117 OSS and is more sensitive to allusions precisely to this image.

As a few more examples of «reminders» (but not PARODIES!) of Bond, I can mention the Italian comedy “Shut up when you say” and a French dilogy about a «tall blond». But both of these works are joking, too, not at James Bond, but at people who are too enthusiastic about playing James Bond.

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