“New Russian” James Bond.

“New Russians” is a phenomenon from the Russian 90s. One Western journalist called people who “orientated” in the new coordinates – earned significant money and built on this basis a certain image. Scenarios of behaviour, scenarios of self-identification in society.

I vaguely remember what exactly this journalist wrote about his “new Russians”. Another thing is important – the Russian (former Soviet) people fell in love with this term and began to use it more widely than the well-known “babooshka”. Because the new Russian reality has indeed brought to the surface of society very distinctive characters who needed to be given the right name.

Best and shorter of all, the type of “new Russian” is described by the so-called “anecdotes”. In world literature, an «anecdote» is a short story, usually of a humorous nature. But in Russia over the past hundred years, a culture of another anecdote has formed – an extremely short, deadly ridiculous formula that can describe many situations. Situations are different but have one essence. A bit like a parable, but much funnier.

For those who are still wondering what “new Russians” are related to James Bond – do not worry, James will appear soon. Literally now. Here is a Russian anecdote that aphoristically expresses the essence of the “new Russian” and the topic of this article:

“New Russian” comes out of the doors of the Louvre. In one hand he holds the Mona Lisa. In another – a mobile phone (an indispensable attribute of the “new Russian” at that time). He speaks into the phone, already slightly annoyed – apparently to his wife:

– Yes, dear, do not worry, I did not forget about souvenirs for mom. Here, I’ve already bought a card, now I’ll go for a gift.

This shows a new Russian as a person for whom the criteria for the dignity of something (and anyone) are only a high price and the widest possible fame. The new Russian is not able to independently evaluate anything if there is no price tag on it.

Those who have made key decisions regarding the Bond in recent years remind me of such “new Russians.” These people, apparently, have lost their own understanding of Bond DNA. Either they saved it, but they themselves do not believe it – and use criteria that are foreign to the Bond. And, unfortunately, these alien criteria are as simple and even primitive as the motivation of the “new Russian” tourist in Paris.

The producers manically drag into the bondiana everything that the world speaks loudest about – more precisely, not the world, but the tabloids. Take all the most expensive, stick the label “007” on it – and you can already print posters. It seems that the producers do not believe that Bond alone can attract people to movie theatres. Old Man Broccoli kept his finger on the pulse, that’s right – Moonraker appeared under the influence of the success of Star Wars. But it was a one hundred per cent Bond, and not a film version of the tabloid.

In the picture, there is a figure of the “new Russian” from the 90s, with all the essential attributes: a raspberry jacket, a thick gold chain, a mobile phone.

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