James Bond as a myth.

Myth is one way of describing reality. As the history of mankind shows, since the first myths appeared to us, people, it is very desirable to have such descriptions. They help us navigate in life. They make visible, understandable that without such description remains unclear for us.

Oddly enough, we are confronted with the unclear even if it is about ourselves, about our own motives and ways of acting. And myths are so attractive, in part because they give us an understanding of ourselves.

The most important myths are capable of giving us an understanding not only of our characters, but of everything that, together with us, resides and acts in this world-the world of other people, destiny, higher powers, and so on.

A burning interest in myths is the best proof of the need for myths.

Of course, only those myths that “do their work” well are of interest to us. Only those myths that explain the world to us. And the better they do it, the stronger the interest in them.

James Bond is a beautiful modern mythical character, and stories about him are myths.

And the burning mass interest to it and the ecstasy that we experience when we come into contact with this myth is explained by the fact that we see and even feel with our skin our involvement in this myth – yes, we are in many ways the real James Bond. At least, even if we are not like him as much as we would like, we still consider this likeness to be the best in ourselves, we are proud of ourselves when we see this involvement in our own lives.

The main advantage of books and films about Bond is just realism and practicality, closeness to real life of real people. People read and watch Bond films in order to better understand and act on real life, and not to be distracted from it.

Connections between us and Bond, the reasons to feel involvement in this myth and to be proud of ourselves are much more than we usually think.

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