If you want to read the entire book at once, download it here:

The James Bond Myth: understanding through retelling. November, 2018. DOCX version. (197 downloads) .

This version contains the text of the book as of November 2018.
The version does not contain pictures, because I am not sure that, unlike posting on a blog, I can publish images that are not my own in a book. Even if the book is distributed free of charge, exclusively for scientific and educational purposes. I am working on a solution to this issue, and I hope that sooner or later the publication of a book with newly selected pictures will appear.
I constantly publish new posts – and from time to time these posts are processed into new texts for the book. As soon as this happens, I post a new version of the book for download. And I report about this in separate posts here and on the page of the book on Facebook.
You may also download a part of the new edition of the book:
The new edition, seriously enlarged, will be ready approximately in the Autumn, 2019.
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