We get acquainted with the myth about James Bond, reading books and watching movies. But there are other ways to recognize the myth – to retell, interpret and discuss it.

It happens that I’m looking for a book, but I can not find it, because no one has written it yet or translated it into the languages I know. In such cases, I try to write, translate and publish this book myself. That is what I did with my observations on James Bond, books and films about him. It seemed to me that many things should finally be expressed.

A few quotes:

“James Bond is not a product of the Cold War. Both Bond and the Cold War are manifestations of the same quality of the British – the courage to admit the obvious”.

“Almost all the Bond plots, beginning with Casino Royale, are the plot of the World War II, reproduced in all new entourage and at different scales. In short: the obvious paranoid with universal approval received a real opportunity to destroy the world”.

“This is part of the logic of the world, the order of things – to always lead irreproachable clothes, women, cars, and diet to Bond. Bond is not a Russian oligarch, he just behaves naturally – and even the most luxurious hotel looks like it was built especially for him”.

“People watch and read about spies, because the very same strategies, situations of choice are found in ordinary life, familiar to every person. There are a lot of «Bonds» in the world – just not all of them work as spies”.

The book also has answers to such questions as:
Why James Bond does not train, does not learn to fly and does not read instructions for gadgets?
Why Bond (and Fleming) does not tell and does not recall the past?
What is written in the license to kill?
What is good about bad Bond movies?

If you want to read the entire book at once, download it here:

The James Bond Myth: understanding through retelling. November, 2018. DOCX version. (197 downloads) .

This version contains the text of the book as of September 2018.
The version does not contain pictures, because I am not sure that, unlike posting on a blog, I can publish images that are not my own in a book. Even if the book is distributed free of charge, exclusively for scientific and educational purposes. I am working on a solution to this issue, and I hope that sooner or later the publication of a book with newly selected pictures will appear.
I constantly publish new posts – and from time to time these posts are processed into new texts for the book. As soon as this happens, I post a new version of the book for download. And I report about this in separate posts here and on the page of the book on Facebook.



I’m a longtime admirer of Bondiana. For me, Bondiana and the James Bond myth became one of the main routes to a deep understanding of Western culture.

I worked in the book business for fifteen years, filling every role from a bookseller to the editor-in-chief of a big non-fiction publishing house.

I hold a PhD in philosophy, which helps me to understand the deep meaning of good entertainment books.

I live in Latvia, on the border between the Western and Eastern worlds.

I always welcome any comments and feedback. I will be happy to consider proposals for participation in events and projects related to the theme of James Bond.

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